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This is the best novel you can find out there. This is why:

100 % of the income is being devoted to gene therapy research for Friedreich’s ataxia! The specific research project is aiming to find the best way to deliver the frataxin gene to the brain.


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Lately I have started to use two walking sticks more and more. I’m afraid my walking is getting worse which I guess is inevitable having a progressive condition, but I have  also discovered many excellent benefits.

walking friedreichs ataxia

If I place the sticks far out from my body it gives me a wider support area and it’s easier to keep my balance.

It’s easier to maintain rotation in my trunk and it’s easier to keep the lower back in the right place as I walk.

It’s easier to walk more “normal”. I know that many ataxians says that you shouldn’t try to walk normal but I disagree to a certain degree. When I don’t concentrate on the walking I easily get pain in my legs, knees and my back. Pain makes everything much worse. It’s impossible to walk with full concentration all the time, but I try to do it as often as I can.

It gives me more freedom cause I don’t need someone to support me all the time.

stokk2walking sticks friedreichs ataxia

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