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The 27th of August 2013 is a Wednesday.

I have have gotten my very first package of Imukin from the pharmacy. I’ve hung up the phone call with doctor Harald for the last instructions. We are ready for the first shot.

I lie down on the sofa with pillows under my knee. I don’t know how this injection will feel like so I make sure I’m comfortable. My father, Morten and my mum is in the room. My mum is nervous. She will do the injection. As an experienced nurse she is never nervous before an injection, but it’s different with us kids. She always gets nervous treating us even now that we are not kids anymore.. She never shows it. She is the calmest person on the ouside as she fixes the syringe and desinfect my thigh. (more…)

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This morning I read a really scary and exciting story. A true story!

It’s about the newborn baby Frataxin who is destined to play an important role in keeping the nerve system safe when they grow up. To become an adult they have to travel the dark and dangerous roads to the safe city of Mitochondria. The distant lights from Mitochondria draws them closer and closer on their way to become the true heroes they are meant to be. In the darkness the Inspectors of Death are luring. Their mission is to watch the baby Frataxins and to tag them with Ubiquitin dust, the Kiss of Death. The Frataxin babies unlucky to have been tagged is immediately attacked by the Death Squad and transported  to the Hall of Proteasome where they are melted in the great fire. They will never become the Protectors of the nerves as they were meant to.


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