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Just me again… Ranting about Imukin as usual 😛

So a pandemic just happened and making research on FA move even slower than before. Our patience have been tested in many ways this year, but if you have FA you are in hurry for real. No lockdown, one meter rule, face mask or antibac can keep us safe from the progressive force of FA.

I’m lucky to have Imukin while all this is going on, (more…)

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This is something I know you really want to see! Ilva was so sweet to let me show you her walking videos both prior to Imukin and how she waks now, after 6 months. She started taking Imukin in February this year. She currently takes 200 mcg three times a week. Just before christmas last year she did a scoliosis surgery. She has recovered quite good don’t you think?



Last week she started walking with crutches. I have seen a video and it looked really good.

Big thanks to Ilva and Therese for letting me post your amazing videos! 🙂

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